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Design Midnight
The plate 28 cm design Midnight (from the Originals series). A simple design in a beautiful deep dark blue color. Serving a nice fresh salad on a Midnight salad bowl is an eye-catcher on the set table. The following items from the Originals series are available: bowl 6-10-12-15, salad bowl 15-20-25-30, salad dish 30-35-40 cm, fruit bowl 20-25 cm, plate 12,15,20,24,28 cm and the pizza plate 34 cm, water jug, cake plate, quiche dish, tapas dish. All earthenware items from our collection are ovenproof, microwave and dishwasher safe
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Design Mehari
The Mehari design is one of the best-selling designs, especially during the December holidays. The beautiful color red combined with different shades of blue gives a warm appearance during a dinner, combined with white and gold tones turning the table into a festive setting.
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Design Azis
Azis is a design in a fresh green color combined with a bit of dark blue and black to make the green color stand out. This design is also a part of the Originals series. A set table with this design immediately gives a wonderful spring feeling. This design can easily be combined with the Breton series, and the design: Pistache.
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Design Blue Fond
Blue Fond is a design (from the Originals series) in the typical royal blue colour. Like all designs, this design is easy to combine with simple white tableware, which adds that additional pop of colour to a beautifully set table.
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Design Turquoise Blue Fine
The Turquoise Blue Fine design is one of our best-selling designs. Because of the beautiful fresh colors it gives a brightly set table. The design was created by simplifying an existing African design for the European market. Because of the use of similar colours, this design can be mixed and matched with multiple different designs, just as the Mehari, Pavo and Turquoise Blue.
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Design Pavo
Pavo design was designed with the feathers of a peacock as an example. The design reminds you of the Ibiza look, modern, colorful and cheerful. This design also comes from the Originals series.
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Dessin Poisson
Poisson, a design with beautiful fish painted in the colors of the sea, dark blue, light blue and green. The oval dish of this is excellent for preparing a fish dish in the oven.
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