Beautiful addition to our assortment; small flower vases17 cm high, available in 9 different colors. The factthat they are handmade and hand-painted,add a personal and unique element to each vase.These vases, with a small colorful bouquet or with a beautifulblossom branch in it, are great at a set table. The lowheight of this little vase […]

Turquoise blue fine

The Turquoise Blue Fine design is renowned for its refreshingand vibrant colors that elevate any table setting. It wasoriginally inspired by an African design that was adapted forthe European market with simplified elements. Due to the useof similar colors, it can be seamlessly combined with otherdesigns such as Mehari, Pavo, and Turquoise Blue, allowing forendless […]

Turquoise Blue

The Turquoise Blue design shares similarities with the Pistacheand Marron designs, as it features the same pattern in differentcolors. This allows for seamless integration with the Marronand Pistache designs.


The Shebka design originates from Tunisia and is one of theoldest designs, which we have adapted to European standardsfor ease of use.


Riahi is an artistic design that showcases stunning fish colorsnot commonly seen during snorkeling or diving. This cheerfuland vibrant design is part of the Originals series and featuresa colorful palette


Similar to the Naoura, the Raslen design requires minimaladditional embellishments to achieve a warm and invitingtable setting


The Poisson design features stunning fish painted in shadesof the sea – deep blue, light blue, and green. The oval shapeof the dish makes it ideal for baking fish in the oven.


The pattern Pistache is a busy pattern with cheerful colors.By combining this pattern with the pattern Breton Pistache,you get a peaceful look on a laid table.


The Pavo design takes inspiration from the vibrant feathers ofa peacock, resulting in a modern and colorful look reminiscentof Ibiza. This particular design exudes a cheerful vibe.

Olive Wood

The range made from olive wood includes a variety of itemssuch as boards ranging from 20 to 80 cm in size, mortars,baguette baskets, salad bowls, and salad cutlery.Pairing an olive wood board with the earthenware dishesfrom the collection makes for a lovely way to serve tapas